You can book Your tickets safely via the Internet:
One 3-day ticket costs ONLY 30 euro now!

Attention - we offer discount price for groups!
We encourage to visit festival in company of friends and relatives.
Buy 5 tickets at once, and we will give you sixth ticket as present! Thus one ticket will cost you only 25 euro!
This offer started at 7th April and is for limited time only, grab your ticket NOW - because with time ticket price will rise up!


Tickets for the festival Kilkim Žaibu 15 can be bought for all three days or one day selected separately.
Three-day tickets are available both before and during the festival.
One-day tickets are only sold at the door of the festival days.

During the festival time - tickets will be sold only at the doors.

Note for our foreign guests - in case if you can't book online, there will be always tickets at doors - this is not possible to be sold out.
The number of tickets is unlimited, but we recommend you to buy the ticket in pre-sale, because prices will increase with time.

Children under 12 years (inclusive) entrance is free.

Children under the age of 16 can enter the festival only with parental escort or can participate only if accompanied by an adult person who assumes full responsibility for the juvenile.

Youngsters aged 16 to 18 years may participate with an adult escort.

Disabled and senior citizens (retired) gets 50% discount (requires proof documents)

Families will be able to purchase special „Family tickets“.

IMPORTANT! „Family tickets“, one-day tickets and discounted tickets can only be purchased AT THE ENTRANCE of the festival! Prices will be announced later.

NOTE! After arriving at the festival your ticket will be marked, you will get a special bracelet and all event information.

ATTENTION! Protect your ticket and bracelet throughout the festival. You may be requested to show them!