ABBATH Norway (Black Metal)

This year festival KILKIM ŽAIBU will be crowned by metal superstar ABBATH, best known as a vocalist and frontman of IMMORTAL (from 1991-2015), which is arguably the biggest black metal band of the planet!

For many years the festival had dreams to invite sons of Northern darkness IMMORTAL to Lithuania, but things didn't work out because unfortunately band split up. Notwithstanding, now it's official: the most famous “Corpsepaint in metal” will devastate the main stage of KILKIM ŽAIBU!

IMMORTAL was summoned under diabolical winds of Bergen by young metalheads Abbath and Demonaz in winter of 1990. Since then after recording eight stellar full albums, being a part of very first black metal tour in 1993 and headlining biggest metal festivals of the world such as Wacken Open Air, they are safely considered as one of the most popular bands from Norway ever.

But stars were not always shining at their cold kingdom - in middle of his promising career Demonaz unluckily got struck with severe joint tendinitis and furthermore continued only as band's lyricist. The following albums Abbath had to compose almost single-handedly and band's activities slowly froze.

Albeit good news happens – since 2015 Abbath proceeds to create music in the same vein of Immortal just simply under his own banner – ABBATH! Abbath or in real name Olve Eikemo, unleashed this blizzard beast when he realized that things with his prior band IMMORTAL went too slow and endless passion for the creation begins to fade. Now after restart Abbath is taking the world by pure winterstorm and his name burns with passion like never before.

They have already gained the worldwide recognition, and not only because the ABBATH members are complete metal celebrities coming from bands like Immortal, Gorgoroth, Mayhem or God Seed. New self-titled album is well greeted worldwide and ended up in many metal magazines' year-end tops proving Abbath’s musical genius, desire to develop and will to go only forward. ABBATH comes back like a real metal icon and dictates the rules of the genre with dynamic razor-sharp riffs and magnificent anthems, dashing through metal fury where coldness isn't forgotten as well.

More than half of this soon-to-be legendary performance will consist of well known hits from repertoire of IMMORTAL, also from Abbath's project “I” and it goes without saying, from new album “Abbath”! Concerts of ABBATH always conquers the heart of the listener, grim and frostbitten melodies will lead you to victorious battles in the North where nothing can stop power and might of Black Metal!