LOITS Estonia (Flak ‘n‘ Roll)

It is a band which is the only one in the world playing flak‘n‘roll music. Because of their originality (well, and also because of the many connections with Lithuania), this band is well-known and loved among the audience of Kilkim Žaibu.

Yes, we are talking about LOITS – Estonian metal stage celebrity, an alloy of distinctive national romantics and war spirit. From the beginning in 1999, LOITS‘ creation was based on national Estonian values, forgotten history topics, and the mostly, the subject of WW2. Because of that, the band was interpreted controversially both in homeland, and the world. However, musicians perceive their creation as the commemoration of the most significant values. Purposefulness and commitment earned this band many awards and appreciations and their music video “Haaval uulitsal” made it to the 2nd position in… Estonian MTV top.

LOITS comes back to the stage after 8 years. This year there will be only two concerts, and one of them is at Kilkim Žaibu! Don't miss the chance to see these legends!