MÅNEGARM Sweden (Viking Folk Black Metal)

There would not be a Kilkim Žaibu without a vibrant Pagan Metal institution... So, this year we finally announce Viking Metal pioneers MÅNEGARM! Band have originated from Norrtälje in Sweden and have their roots firmly embedded in Norse mythology, from which they got their name - ancient wolf. They have released eight studio albums, with the most recent one the self-titled ‘Månegarm’ out in 2015. 

Unlike many other bands, which try to imitate the pagan sound by using keyboards, instead they use real violins and flutes in their records. That makes their music more authentic and organic. Besides that, most of the lyrics are written in Swedish language. We think we have already convinced you that MÅNEGARM is great, which is proved by fact that their music even got into Swedish music tops! Well, if you somehow still have any doubts, you should definitely try to stand still during their concert!