MGŁA Poland (Black Metal)

This year Kilkim Žaibu scene will be surrounded by the dark mist – MGŁA. A black, misanthropic, opaque, exasperating mist... However, it is the occasion, when we can say – finally this infection will reach Varniai. And it is going to take away any element of harmony from you, make you feel dazzled and in the end, you will desire for it not to end.

We present you the new idol of Polish Black Metal scene, which has formed itself in year 2000 in historic city of Krakow. They are extraordinary not only because of their cryptic scene image. MGŁA‘s albums are perfectly evaluated because of their incredible atmosphere and suffering vocals. And we know – nihilism has not sounded that good before.


As if all this was something more

Than another footnote on a postcard from nowhere

Another chapter in the handbook for exercises in futility