MURDER ONE International (Rock 'n' Roll)

KILKIM ŽAIBU stage will be illuminated by fireworks, the loudest Motörhead songs and extreme rock‘n‘roll. The band MURDER ONE and the special guest DANI DIVINE grants you the best party ever! 

MURDER ONE was created just for the only concert, to perform in the 1 year birthday of Lithuanian club “Lemmy”. However, sometimes it is hard to say “thank you, goodbye, see you next time bitcheeees!”, so MURDER ONE makes a solid step forward and is already getting ready for the festival “Kilkim Žaibu”!!!

It is really impossible to stop, when you have such a crew, which is able to set fire to the most boring party. Band’s leader and soul, Alenas Blakulla, has already played for many years in the most famous Lithuanian metal bands, now he is building foundations for his new rock’n’roll project. By the way, he even sleeps with his guitar. The band is complemented by Kommander Lu – one of the most active and well-known blackers in Lithuania. His input to Lithuanian Black Metal culture is just huge. The one, who knows how to add some beats to the music, is Jusc – nobody will argue that he has some good vibes and is the best drummer from Šiauliai. And finally – the most intriguing band member is Lemmy’s deputy among the living - the vocalist Mr. Thomas Exhumator (Spermafrost, Slaughter Messiah). This person has almost identical vocals to the rock’n’roll God Lemmy!

We invite you not to miss the hottest rock’n’roll show! If you have forgotten the lyrics a little bit, there’s still time to cram! We can do a lot, but with you we are stronger! During the show, there will also be an amazing performance of the beautiful, magnificent, one and only Dani Divine. This dancer/model has almost 3 millions of Facebook fans and arrives to Lithuania only to make this exceptional performance!! And we still have more: some special guests will also perform on the stage and the fireworks will blow up the sky… You won’t forget this show for a long time!