OBELIJA Lithuania (Archaic Folk)

Obelija is a group of four Lithuanian girls who collect old folk songs and perform them in a traditional, but unique way. Using traditional instruments, they arrange and play the songs with their own signature, just like people have done for centuries, when songs weren’t written down and finalized in songbooks, but taught orally, from generation to generation. The girls gather material by travelling around the country, visiting those who still sing the songs they learnt from their grandmothers and grandfathers back in the beginning of the last century. These expeditions have yielded many previously unknown and forgotten songs, adding to the girls’ growing repertoire. For their live performances, Obelija wear reconstructed Baltic clothes from the 10th and 11th century, which they make themselves using old techniques, as their interest in history isn’t limited to music only, but also includes crafting, amongst other things. Every performance by Obelija takes you back to the time when their culture was born. Melodies and lyrics from hundreds of years ago meet their youthful energy, just like it would have been back then when the village elders taught their culture to the next generation.