VALKYRJA Sweden (Black Metal)

VALKYRJA was created during the night back in 2004 with the intention to channel violence, deprivation and loath through the extraordinary potent audio channel.  The ideal was a passionate, limitless perversion that breathed ever so vibrant in the essence of its members. A will to leave all trails of society's false enslaving chains and entomb the shallow world they already considered dead.

VALKYRJA so far has contaminated earth with three full albums, the latest „The Antagonist's Fire“ set the world aflame on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 2013, while album being the first exclusive to World Terror Commitee Productions.

Musicians has fully devoted themselves to metal lifestyle - their other bands and side projects include such names as Amon Amarth, Hobbs' Angel of Death, Ondskapt, Grave, Die Hard, Nominon and many others. And with recent addition of french Hell Militia's vokiller RSDX, VALKYRJA has become the formidable black metal force.

Await the storm!