VULTURE INDUSTRIES Norway (Avantgarde Metal)

After their theatrical performance in KILKIM ŽAIBU 15 many fans just could not forget this band. Knowing that new album is already in the pipeline, we decided to do the obvious thing and invite Norway’s metallers VULTURE INDUSTRIES, who will become festival’s dessert for the second time.


They had resisted the Norwegian Black Metal mania and developed very individual style, containing plenty of different elements. This style could be characterized as Progressive / Avantgarde metal. Their exclusive creativity and ability to change gears between completely different genres helped VULTURE INDUSTRIES become known in whole world and perform in full venues. Oh, you should really see the eccentric performances of the frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen! Actually, quite many critics compare them to the unique acts such as Faith No More, Arcturus, Devin Townsend or Enslaved. Tasty, right?


What makes this show even more special is fact that KILKIM ŽAIBU 18 will be first place in the world where VULTURE INDUSTRIES will perform songs from their yet unnamed new album for the very first time!