Ukraine | Post Black Metal

Depressive Black Metal, immersive jazz soundscapes and glitchy electronics – WHITE WARD tirades through the darkest and strangest vistas of human consciousness. And you got it right, the mix of these genres is not only possible, but in this case it is very consonant. In fact, this band is one of the brightest recent happenings not only on Ukrainian metal, but on music stage generally. Their fanbase expands surprisingly fast.

WHITE WARD is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and I.M. Banks, and they explore themes of borderline death states, aberrant afterlife worlds and strange mental disorders. Emotions are intensified by black existential despair, which is complemented with saxophone tunes. Both musical lines go in parallel and are seamlessly integrated, that is why WHITE WARD is different from other alternative musicians who use brass. Don’t miss these guys – this time we bring something really interesting and peculiar to you!