Швеция | Melodic Black Metal

Five strong individuals with the same goal. All five have different musical backgrounds, have different favorite bands, yet we all come together as one when we talk about WORMWOOD. And that goal is fiery shows, base of black metal, raw, unrefined musical vision, atmospheric soundscapes and, without a doubt, northern heritage. They have gathered different elements to be able to express emotions from a sea of possibilities.

From the musical side, the band’s only album “Ghostlands: Wounds from a Bleeding Earth” so far, is dynamic, it seems that all details have been thought through and the melodies are really mesmerizing. Every song is a different story here, and the band invites you to join and be the part of the mutual musical story.

And don't forget that WORMWOOD is coming to KILKIM ŽAIBU to present their new album "Nattavert", which is coming out in spring!