Heavy metal and folk music festival „Kilkim Žaibu“

It is the festival, comprising of the most extreme forms of music, with archaic folklore and the accents of Baltic history. Unconventional name reflects the spirit of this extraordinary event. Festival‘s challenge – unity of contemporary extreme music, pagan and black metal genres with the ethnic culture of the Balts. We are looking for the guidance at the past, while evolving together with contemporary black subculture. This is done in order not to forget, who we were, who we are, why we are exactly of this kind. Festival itself - is an ongoing quest for the path. Seeking a sense of conscious awareness in the hearts of individuals without truckling for consumerist masses.

At first glance, the link between different ideologies and cultures looks strange and impossible, but it is evident that, out of all contemporary music genres, it is the metal music lyric that uses historical topics most often. Among the cultivators of this genre, there are plenty of developers, seeking inspiration from their ancestral heritage, local history, mythology, ancient faith. That is why each musicians, coming from every county, has their own distinct sound, which reflects the uniqueness of their culture, so we are glad that we are able to contribute to the fostering of the Baltic heavy metal music in our home province.

The event is not „pagan“ as it is fashionable to say. We are living today and we will never be such as our predecessors. We won‘t be able to perceive that what is lost, but we are trying to save what is still alive in us, crafted within the blood. We strive to keep Baltic spirit of the event without tracking similar examples of European festivals. We are independent of the prevailing stereotypes. Even the most radical representatives of the black metal find their place in our festival and we are very pleased with that. But everything is based on a respect for our ancestors, our own country love, Homeland.

The major ideological pillar of the festival (as we think) is Lithuanian pre-Christian history. That period was the golden age of Lithuanian prosperity with its distinctive culture. The Baltic cultural identity - our power and approach of presenting Lithuania for neighbouring countries.

10 years of existence the festival has been dedicated for venerable land of (nowadays, highly unknown) Semigallia. Independent Semigallia existed until the end of thirteenth century, when its territory was from Šiauliai to Riga and from Mažeikiai to Biržai. Namely, through this land the European bearers of the cross made their way to Lithuania, here the first battles and the famous "Battle at the Sun" were fought. When invaders seized and destroyed the land, Semigallians were sheltered by brothers and comrades in arms, namely Samogitians.

By expanding the scope of the festival and being attracted by the new area, we follow the traces of history. Link is made with Samogitians.

Spirit of the event can be described by the following: waiting for the battle, excitement, blood, pain, anger, sewn, aggression, euphoria of victory, joy, fun, unrestrained emotions ... We take all that from the past and nowadays and combine everything into a single vibrating matter with the slogan "Let‘s arise"! 

With the weapon of thunder – lightning blade. Simply: "Strike with Thunder"!!! Hear war drums rumble, horns drone, weapons clangor, ancient war songs are being sung... and the crash of Black Metal.