Interview with Helheim

Helheim Helheim is form Bergen, let's say cradle of Norvegian pagan/black metal scene. Is this important for you from where you are?

Well, I guess it has had an impact on the band being from Bergen, but it's hard for me to tell as I'm a part of it and being subjective to it all.

What do you think about bands from South America or Eastern Europe which play "norsk black metal" and also use lyrics in norvegian? For example I cant imagine any Norvegian band with texts in portuguese and singing something about Brazilian rainforests :)

For me it's just pure bullshit and can't be taken seriously.

If you take a look back, to beginning of 90ies when Helheim raised - metal scene in Bergen was different than at present time (what changed in 20 years)? And are there any new bands for advice?

The bands that started it all are still around and doing well, but a lot of the mysticism that were around the scene back then are gone and it's been comercialized. Not so many new good bands that I can think of as of now. I think more good bands come from abroad these days.

Many peoples in reviews compare Helheim with Enslaved, Hades, Kampfar or oposite. Are you agree with this?

Helheim I can understand the comparision to Enslaved as it seems we think quite alike, but the rest, no.

What is difference between Helheim of 1992. and 2012.?

Going more and more back to the roots as well as being in constant progression. Our latest release is the one that reminds us and the fans most of the past.

What fits more for Helheim - pagan or viking metal?


In your opinion, which album characterizes band best of all?

The latest.

You will travel to Lithuania together with Taake. Do you play quite often together?

Helheim Yes, we've done several tours together as I also play bass in Taake.

And speaking about live shows, how many you normally have in 1 year?

Hm, aprox. 30-50 shows.

Besides musical activities, what you do in you free time and if this is not secret, what is your occupation? :)

I work as a chef in an Rock and roll restaurant.

What do you know about Lithuania / Baltic lands and did you ever heard something from Lithuanian / Baltic metal scene?

I've never been there before, so for me this will be a new and interesting experience.

Thanks for answers on this express interview and see you on our stage!

Thank you.

Ørjan Nordvik

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