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Festival KILKIM ŽAIBU 18 announces first five bands!

Festival KILKIM ŽAIBU 18 will take place on  June 29 - July 1, 2017, Varniai, Lithuania.

VILKŲ ŽIEMA festival is back!

VILKŲ ŽIEMA is winter offering of the club “Pikuolis” to the Lithuanian enthusiasts of heavy music.
The festival will take place in club "Pelėda" on 2nd of December and it is a tribute to all KILKIM ŽAIBU fans who had supported festival through the years.

The name of the fest VILKŲ ŽIEMA ( WINTER OF WOLVES ) has born since winter is a time of wolves. This is widely illustrated in the Lithuanian folk tales. To honour the wolves, one of the winter months, December, was recalled as a month of the wolf.

Participating bands:

CENTINEX- Sweden, death metal;
SKYFORGER - Latvia, pagan folk black metal
DORDEDUH - Romania, atmospheric folk black metal
KRODA - Ukraine, heathen black metal
VELNEZERS - Latvia, black metal

Club: Pelėda
Address: V. Mykolaičio - Putino g. 5, Vilnius

Gates open: 17.00

More info:

Kilkim Žaibu 17 has passed, get ready for Kilkim Žaibu 18!

We would like to thank each and every one of you for attending Kilkim Žaibu 17! Although the emotions of this year's festival are still hot, we are already planning for Kilkim Žaibu 18. See you next year!