Three-day KŽ18 ticket – 40 €

Three-day KŽ18 ticket for family – 70 €

Family ticket is valid for two adults and all children in the family.

Documents proving family status must be present on arrival.


From 29th June tickets can only be purchased at the festival gates.

Ticket prices during the festival:

Three-day KŽ18 ticket – 45 €

Three-day KŽ18 ticket for family – 80 €

One-day ticket for any of the festival days – 25 €

We take three-day ticket price on purchase of one-day tickets and refund the difference if you leave on the next day before 12:00.



Children under 12 are admitted for free (they must be accompanied by adults).

Youth under 14 years (must also be accompanied by adults), disabled and seniors: three-day ticket - 23 €, one-day ticket – 13 €

All discounted tickets are sold only during the festival at the gates. Documents to qualify for discounts must be provided.

All attendees must have read and act according to festival's rules: