KILKIM ŽAIBU XIX – journey to a parallel world

Linking the traditions and alternative art, festival KILKIM ŽAIBU XIX will take place on June 28-30, 2018, near the lake Lūkstas coast in town of Varniai, Lithuania.

When festival KILKIM ŽAIBU 18 is over

KILKIM ŽAIBU 19? YES, of course, YES! We still have new ideas! We will flash the sky and though now it seems impossible, we will do everything better and better!
KILKIM ŽAIBU – rock‘n‘roll till Valhalla!

Festival KILKIM ŽAIBU XVIII programme

Festival KILKIM ŽAIBU XVIII will be happening June 29 – July 1, three days and three nights near the Lūkstas lake in Varniai.

Invitation to KILKIM ŽAIBU “Pre-Party” with VADER!

18:00 DOORS
19:00 - 19:25 THRASHRED - Russia, Thrash Metal
19:40 – 20:05 NOX VORAGO - Sweden, Progressive/Symphonic Death Metal
20:20 – 20:50 THY DISESASE - Poland, Industrial Death Metal
21:10 – 22:00 DECAPITATED - Poland, Death/Groove Metal
22:20 – 23:20 VADER - Poland, Death/Thrash Metal

Pagan duo OBTEST and SKYFORGER join KILKIM ŽAIBU 2017!

Famous Baltic pagan metal bands OBTEST and SKYFORGER both will play very special sets!

KILKIM ŽAIBU proudly presents extreme rock 'n' roll band MURDER ONE!

KILKIM ŽAIBU stage will be illuminated by fireworks, the loudest Motörhead songs and extreme rock‘n‘roll. The band MURDER ONE and the special guest DANI DIVINE grants you the best party ever!

VULTURE INDUSTRIES exclusive visit to Lithuania

Norway’s metallers VULTURE INDUSTRIES, who will become festival’s dessert for the second time.

Black metal superstar ABBATH will headline KILKIM ŽAIBU 2017!

This year festival will be crowned by metal superstar ABBATH, best known as a vocalist and frontman of IMMORTAL (from 1991-2015), which is arguably the biggest black metal band of the planet!

Invitation to KILKIM ŽAIBU “Pre-Party” with VADER!

Boys and girls, it’s official that Kilkim Žaibu Pre-Party will be brutal one - because on May 11 we will have the legendary Polish death metal band VADER in the town, supported by daredevils DECAPITATED and THY DISEASE, and moreover, later on two more metal bands will join the party!

Festival KŽ18 announces first ancient program bands!

ROMOWE RIKOITO - Prussia, Dark Folk;

SHAMAN JUNGLE - Belarus, Ethno Trance;

DELVE - Latvia, Archaic Folk;

JOTVOS SŪNŪS - Lithuania, Ancient Baltic warriors reenactment society;

PILSOTS - Lithuania, Historical club.

Bands will be more!