SKYFORGER Latvia (Archaic Folk)

SKYFORGER, the best-known Baltic metal band, to perform their FOLK program at the KILKIM ŽAIBU for the first time!

SKYFORGER (Latvia) are famous not only as a Heavy Metal act, but also as ambassadors of their unique Baltic heritage and history across the globe. With more than hundred performances around the world, a loyal fanbase on every continent and highest accolades from the Latvian music industry (multiple Rock and Metal Album of the Year awards, as well as many other prizes and nominations) under their belt, they have surely achieved a lot in the 20 year history of the band. However, none of this has prevented them to stay true to their roots – a group of down-to-earth, friendly and sincere dudes. They have not let their success go to their head, following their core principles and going their own way.

But enough about extreme music. Let us once again remember that SKYFORGER can be a damn good folk group, too! Back in 2003, the Latvians recorded the excellent folk album “Zobena Dziesma” (Sword Song). Besides a number of ancient Latvian folk songs, the LP also includes a recording of the beloved Lithuanian song “O kai saulutė tekėjo” (When the sun was rising). After the album's release, several folk concerts followed and two of them were in Lithuania, at the Mėnuo Juodaragis and Apuolė festivals. Later, SKYFORGER returned to heavier music.

And so, after a 14-year break, the band has decided to go back to their roots in Folk and to revisit those ancient melodies in a truly rare stage performance. In the 18 year history of KILKIM ŽAIBU, this will be the first time when our Latvian brothers climb on stage without the guitars. This show will surely conjure a special atmosphere for both fans and us, the organizers. Just imagine SKYFORGER revisiting those centuries-old melodies, bonfires burning on the lakeside, once again bringing the magic chants of ancient warriors back to life.

Come witness a manifestation of true Baltic spirit!